The Law Firm of Long Mangalji, LLP is made up of an outstanding group of professionals. The firm assists our company in bringing in employees from various locations from around the world. Long Mangalji, LLP always present clear options for our employee’s applications. Even in the most difficult of cases, they always seem to find a way to meet our needs. Not only does Long Mangalji bring outstanding legal counsel but will often add a personal touch to the process that you may not find in other firms. I would recommend Long Mangalji, LLP to anyone seeking a trusted and leading immigration law firm. One will not be disappointed by being their client.
— Dominic M.
Aadil and his team were nothing short of wonderful helping us navigate a very challenging application for Permanent Residency for our care-giver Cristina. She had some very difficult circumstances associated with her application, and Aadil calmly and patiently steered us through the process. He is extremely knowledgeable of the immigration process and steps, and for us this was invaluable! Cristina is a part of our family and she now has her PR! This is a life changing event that she has worked so hard to achieve. And there is no way it could’ve happened without Aadil. We are so grateful and could not recommend him high enough.
— Aaron M.
Elizabeth and Ziah has been with us every step of the way guiding, coaching and assisting us in obtaining our PR status. They are very knowledgeable and were very patient with us addressing all our concerns. They met with us and laid out our options and executed our application perfectly. There were no problems. They made this process easy.
— Suzetta A.
Ziah and her assistants were very helpful from the first day. They helped me with everything from the first stage of gathering documents to the landing interview. I have always received quick email/phone replies when I had a question or when there was an issue. They understand that immigration process is overwhelming and stressful even in the most straightforward cases. I recommend Long Mangalji to anyone who is on the fence about hiring a lawyer because it was definitely worth it.
— Mahbod G.
We were searching for a law firm that provided immigration services and came across Long Mangalji LLP. This full services law firm was exactly what our company needed. Ziah and her team were very response, clear with direction and managed the immigration process closely. They provided excellent service, turn key solutions, and were on call during the day of arrival. Thank you Ziah and your team for everything!
— Execute Strategy
I was very fortunate to have a free legal consultation opportunity for Long Mangalji LLP at a public welfare immigration sharing meeting. It was May 10, 2015. Since then, I have met Elizabeth Long and her team until October 2018. My immigration status was obtained for three and a half years. During the period, Elizabeth and her team helped me with the student visa, work permit, Common in Law, and Express Entry. Let me smoothly transform from a small international student to a permanent resident of Canada. During the period, I experienced a very long period of immigration review. Because my name is too much in the Canadian Homeland Security System, it took a long time to approve it. Elizabeth has always used all methods to help me check the progress, follow up and solve the problem. I am especially grateful to Elizabeth and Cynthia Wong for your professionalism and attentive service that I have to give you a compliment. To be honest, I also watched Long Mangalji LLP’s continuous growth for the past three years. I recommend many friends and classmates around to give Long Mangalji LLP. They are not necessarily the cheapest, but they are professional, serious and responsible.
— Tyler L.
LM Law group was referred to me by an academic adviser upon graduating from college. I contacted the firm and set up a meeting with Aadil who assisted me with making a game plan on what I needed to do to qualify for PR. A year later, I contacted them again and spoke with Aadil about my progress and it was like no time had passed. He promptly brought up notes and documents from our original meeting which was highly convenient. He passed me along to Ziah who, with a team of highly professional and patient associates, thoroughly went through my details and prepared an accurate application on my behalf. They were very responsive to queries made through emails and calls. Paramount to all that, was how seamless and quick they made the process. I had spoken to another lawyer referred by a family friend and by comparison LM law group’s professionalism is truly second to none. They were also very honest when my reading got the better of me and I had questions about additional things to strengthen my application. I would definitely recommend their services for immigration needs.
— D'ana D.
In Long Mangalji, you are in good hands. Ziah and her team’s unwavering assistance was reassuring. Not only they are excellent lawyers, but they are amazing human beings, who are truly supportive of immigrants!

There were a few times when we needed urgent help. Ziah was always available, after hours, to help in any way she could. Her team made the process easy and manageable. There were days that we went back and forth a handful of times through emails. The response time was always prompt, and the work was diligent. Plus their prices are reasonable. I will definitely bring any future cases to them.
— Jairan G.
Ziah Sumar and the team at Long Mangalji were amazing throughout my application for Permanent Residence in Canada. They guided me through the process with professionalism and compassion and were always available and super helpful whenever I had any questions or concerns. Forever grateful for their help and would happily recommend the firm for any immigration needs.
— Jeanna S.
I was so lucky I found Elizebath and her team to assist on my immigration, it was a long journey and it was tough, but Elizebath was by my side going through these ups and downs, I finally got my PR, extremely grateful to them. Unlike some others agency in Toronto, they are truly helpful.
— Enqvist K.
Adil and Long Mangalji team are beyond amazing. They gave a detailed plan for my case and helped it succeed. Especially Aadil and his assistant Fazan were very professional during the process. They ensured that every single thing in my case was verified. I am always grateful.
I would always recommend their firm in all aspects of immigration law.
— Anh H.
“Ziah and her team were really diligent with the process of my application for permanent residence. Throughout the process, i felt really comfortable to have a professional opinion with regards to my concerns on the application which kept my mind at ease. I would recommend them if you are planning to immigrate to Canada and make it your new home. I consider their fees as an important investment to the lives of us, immigrants, who would further bring bright hope and future for our families in the future.”
— Ryan C.
I worked with Aadil and Fazan and was very happy with their excellent services throughout the process! They provided very clear and helpful guidance, were very responsive to my questions and concerns, and I am sure they were critical to helping me achieve a successful outcome without any complications in a very quick time frame. Highly recommended!
— Tenzin T.
I was represented by Aadil Mangalji for my refugee claim during the past year. He was very professional and ensured that he had all the information he needed from me in order to come up with a plan. My case had specific circumstances that he was able to maneuver and deal with.

My application was thankfully successful and I owe it to Aadil and his firm. The services they offered me made my application go very smoothly and I did not have to worry about missing anything. They did their best to also prepare me for the hearing by doing mock interviews (in-person and online) and never failed to show their support towards my issue. The Long Mangalji firm will definitely be my choice for any future legal matters.
— Qass A.
I appreciate Ziah and Long Managliji LLP for helped me to get my PR. My case is a little hard, since my score is too low to apply for PR and I am not familiar with the details of immigration policies. Ziah and the other co-workers are very professional and patient to explain the details of immigration policies to me, and gave me a lot of advices which are very useful for me. They helped me to prepare documents for application. I can’t get PR without Ziah and Long Managaliji LLP’s help. Thank you
— Jun C.
Helped me with my spouse getting permanent residency in Canada the process was very efficient. They put in a lot of time and effort to helping the customer
— Ting L.
Elizabeth Long and the Long Mangalji team assisted me through my working permit process and my permanent residency after that. Since day one they have been an incredibly supportive team that were by my side to find a solution for any obstacle I faced.

Not only they gave me all the information that I needed and helped me to prepare all the documents for every application/interview, but always gave me peace of mind that they were just a phone call away in case I had any issue.

That for me is the most important of all, you are not just another client, they actually care about you and your situation and that shows!
Will highly recommend them for anyone that is looking for immigration services!
— Alan S.
My case is a complicated one. I was a FSW applicant in 2014, but was suspected of mis-presentation, as a result, the application had not been progressing for 3 years.

I turned out to realize that my first immigrant agent is actually not holding any professional licence in Canada, what even worse, she guided me wrongly when I was given the chance to make explanation.

I am lucky to receive a second chance to make explanation, and more luckily to appoint Elizabeth from Long Mangalji LLP to be my immigration lawyer. She carefully reviewed my documents, and helped me to prepare affidavit. Both Elizabeth and her law clerk are very friendly and efficient. They advised and assisted me in every step of the later stage.

I am so happy to finally receive my permanent resident visa last month. I strongly recommend those who are planning to immigrate to Canada to use professional lawyer service like Long Mangalji LLP.
— Ivy Z.
I was so lucky I found Elizebath and her team to assist on my immigration, it was a long journey and it was tough, but Elizebath was by my side going through these ups and downs, I finally got my PR, extremely grateful to them. Unlike some others agency in Toronto, they are truly helpful.
— Lesley D.
I give a 5 star to Long Mangalji LLP. Elizabeth and Paolo helped me with my visa process throughout and kept me posted on every update along the process. I worked with Paolo, most of the time. This team is very knowledgeable and did a thorough review of my documents, at the same time also made me feel really comfortable. Every time I needed any clarification their response time was really quick, with a detailed explanation. The team guided me until I got my visa in hand, which I honestly appreciate. Oh yes! Not to miss this one - My entire process was completed in less than two weeks. Thank you! Elizabeth Long and Paolo Vistan. I will recommend them to anyone out there with immigration needs.
— Monisha R.
Thank you very much for you and your team’s hard work. You are very carefully to check every document, every message and patiently to answer my questions.
Your service is very import to my application.
— Jin, L
Adil and Long Mangalji team are beyond amazing. They gave a detailed plan for my case and helped it succeed. Especially Aadil and his assistant Fazan were very professional during the process. They ensured that every single thing in my case was verified. I am always grateful. I would always recommend their firm in all aspects of immigration law.
— Ann H.
Aadil, Fazan and co. were a massive help to me in obtaining my Canadian permanent residency! Highly professional and dedicated to my success, I would absolutely recommend these fine lawyers.
— Sean H.
Long Mangalji LLP was outstanding in their assistance with my case. While I also went to other places, they were not able to solve my special case as well as they did. Elizabeth and Cynthia provided great service throughout my experience with them. I highly recommend their firm in immigration purposes.
— Qin C.
We were searching for a law firm that provided immigration services and came across Long Mangalji LLP. This full services law firm was exactly what our company needed. Ziah and her team were very response, clear with direction and managed the immigration process closely. They provided excellent service, turn key solutions, and were on call during the day of arrival. Thank you Ziah and your team for everything!
— ES.
In Long Mangalji, you are in good hands. Ziah and her team’s unwavering assistance was reassuring. Not only they are excellent lawyers, but they are amazing human beings, who are truly supportive of immigrants!

There were a few times when we needed urgent help. Ziah was always available, after hours, to help in any way she could. Her team made the process easy and manageable. There were days that we went back and forth a handful of times through emails. The response time was always prompt, and the work was diligent. Plus their prices are reasonable. I will definitely bring any future cases to them.
— Jairan G.
I cannot recommend this firm enough. They went above and beyond to assist my case from the very beginning. Their services were paramount in the completion of my application for a work permit. I dealt with a number of employees in the firm over the course of my application and each of them took great care and attention when dealing with my case.
— Amy M.
Elizabeth clearly explained me the immigration process and helped me in choosing the best available option for me. She was very knowledgeable and was very much updated with the latest visa-related changes. Her team members Cynthia, Ziah, and Genevieve, were very professional during the process of filing my application and ensured every bit of information was verified. I never experienced any issue with their service, and I am giving them a 5-star rating for the experience I received. I will recommend them to anyone out there with immigration needs.
— Mark R.
Cynthia and her team were of great help, very knowledgeable and professional, also very patient as I had a never ending list of questions I wanted to ask. Fast and trustworthy, I would definitely require their services in the future if needed (Which I’m pretty sure I will).
— Gustavo P.
Aadil and Fazan were great, helping us through applying for permanent residence. From first contact through the end Aadil was attentive and explained everything to us throughout the process. He answered questions promptly through email but would be sometimes slow to call us back. They were very accommodating paying a fee through a government website when we had issues sending the payment.
— Allen A.
This review is for Elizabeth, Cynthia, Genevieve, Stephanie’s and Ziah’s excellent services relating to my PR application. They helped me navigate a roller coaster of a year after graduating from university:

All 5 of these lawyers were able to help me through every nook and cranny of my PR application. They were frank and honest about my entire application and took complete ownership of my case. I was running out of time to complete my application and they not only provided me legal advice, but communicated and successfully managed the expectations of employers that went to hire me. It took ~half a year after entering my name in the EE pool to get my CoPR.

Without the help of these lawyers I may not have had a decent job or be in Canada writing this review.

Throughout my correspondence with the 5 lawyers, they cared immensely about my application’s success and managed my expectations well. For instance they critiqued every piece of information I provided them, as they wanted to ensure that there were no hiccups in my application.

After looking at/speaking with a number of certified lawyers and consultants, I’ve come to the realization that you get what you pay for. Most others gave me entirely incorrect guidance and were extremely unprofessional (if you don’t trust someone to represent you in court, don’t hire them). Whether you have a challenging case or a simple case, just don’t risk it. Employ Elizabeth, it’s the best investment you’ll make.

P.S. Elizabeth is Certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law, a prestigious list of with only ~50 Canadian lawyers. In other words, she is one of the top immigration lawyers in Canada.
— Anshu D.
Long Mangalji LLP were recommended to me by my sister who had an incredible journey with Ziah and her team to successfully gain her Canadian residency. I worked with Ziah and Genevieve to apply for my Rehabilitation permit to enter Canada. We started this process towards the end of 2017 cutting it close for me to be able to visit for Christmas. Miraculously we received successful notification one week prior, and I was able to visit and have Christmas with my family. Forever grateful, thank you Long Mangalji LLP!
— Louise B.
Aadil and Fazan at Long Mangalji LLP have been a great, and their support of being able to process my case has been phenomenal, I could not have asked for more better person to prep me and show me how to speak/talk and be confident in front of the bench/council. Aadil has been able to answer all my questions on how, when and where and is frank and efficient, and he showed me great support and updated me with my case. I am very happy with Long Mangalji LLP and would recommend their services to anyone who needed help in a case like mine.
— Shaffin H.
@ElizabethYLong On this Canada’s day I can only praise for those as @ElizabethYLong and his team in @LongMangalji make this country better each day that they work for justice.
— Paula M.
I had a big time crunch regarding my immigration, but the team at Long Mangalji, specially Cynthia and Elizabeth took extreme care of my deadline and worked with my company everyday to get the job done. I was able to sort out my documents before the deadline!

Plus these guys are very responsive and great people to work with!
— Raj J.
Elizabeth and Cynthia did an excellent job the two times we have asked for their services. Both of them were very careful at all the steps of our paperwork, always oriented to the details and careful with the processing times. Our case was a little tricky because we were living in a country where we were not residents, but their experience, knowledge and efficiency led to our visa application accepted and to be able to move to Canada. We kept a continuous feedback of the status of our application and documents needed and they were always available for any question. If we were in need of this service again, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them. And of course, we would recommend Long Mangalji to everybody! Thank you so much Elizabeth and Cynthia!
— Natalia MC.
Elizabeth Long and her team were of great assistance, they helped me through the whole process of my immigration application. They gave me a detailed plan and followed it in a timely manner. They were very supportive, available and always prompt to reply. When issues needed to be dealt with they stepped in, always kept me in the loop and made sure I understood the issue and how they were going to resolve it, which they did. I would recommend their services to everyone who need legal support, advice and help in their immigration process. My immigration application was approved quickly, within 6 months for a permanent residence application, which is incredible!
They are honest, have strong work ethics and make their client their priority.
— Laura B.
I retained Elizabeth for our work permits applications in November 2017. In only ONE month, we received our work permits for the entire family (including all adults and children). We were so happy about that.
Elizabeth is a pretty, hard-working, professional and excellent lawyer. Her assistant Cynthia is detail-oriented for the follow-ups.
We are pleased with their service and I highly recommend them to you!
— Jie L.
I am very happy with the services that Long Mangalji LLP provided for us. From the beginning of our process our case was taken seriously without any further issues. Various options were discussed and advice was given with important steps to take to gain Permanent Residency. Apart from providing our personal details, their offices took care of our entire application. They were detailed, organized and accurate so we did not run into issues e.g. that our application was incomplete or information was entered incorrectly. I was able to ask important questions via e-mail or telephone at any given time and the response turnaround time was very quick. We sincerely thank Aadil and Fazan for all their efforts during this process. Would highly recommend their services!
— Malou VR.
Elizabeth and team provided me their expert and excellent service during PR application. She provided her expertise by drawing out a detailed plan which was optimum for getting PR. During first consultation she came up with two to three suitable options based on the current situation and explained each option in detail for getting PR. They provided me an excellent and prompt service throughout the whole procedure. Elizabeth and her assistant Cynthia were very prompt in responding any quarries and were always there to provide guidance in any matter also they treated my case very carefully and professionally until I got PR confirmation. The whole PR application process was made smooth by them. I highly recommend Elizabeth and team.
— Krishna V
Highly recommend Aadil and Fazan. We spoke to a few lawyers before choosing Long Mangalji. They reviewed our forms, submitted them on our behalf, handled all correspondence with IRCC, helped us submit responses, and guided us in dealing with complications. They were professional and polite, and their support during our application was very reassuring.
— Farida S.
Elizabeth Long and her assistant Cynthia Wong did such an excellent job in identifying areas of gap (i.e. regarding my employment record and travel history) and guided me step-by-step through resolving these issues, in order to ensure that my application would be error-free and complete. The professionalism and attention to detail that they both demonstrated is truly remarkable. I’m very grateful for the constant assistance that I received from them and would highly recommend Long-Mangalji LLP to anyone who is concerned with immigrating to Canada. My permanent residence application was approved just a few weeks after being submitted! Thank you Elizabeth and Cynthia for your immense contribution to my success :)
— Nora P.
Elizabeth and Cynthia helped me to get my immigration case done in a very professional and efficient manner. I am grateful that I chose Long Mangalji LLP and I would highly recommend them to people who want help and guidance for your immigration to Canada. The most valuable service that Elizabeth offers is planning. There are many pathways to immigrate to Canada, but there might be the best and the shortest way for you. I am hugely benefited from this. Elizabeth’s assistant, Cynthia Wong, works very hard and has high standard of perfection. She even worked a few late nights for my case in order to meet the deadlines. Cynthia also has great attention to details and she tries to make sure everything on my application is accurate and without error. I wouldn’t even have the same level of patience if I am dealing with my own application. Highly recommend Long Mangalji, and you will certainly be benefited by their services.
— Henry H.
Elizabeth and her firm are the best immigration lawyers I found in all of Canada. Their firm went above and beyond to provide outstanding service at an affordable rate.
In 2017, Elizabeth assisted me in getting my NAFTA work permit as a self-employed, American citizen. Previous to meeting her, I had spoken to at least 6 lawyers and she was by far the most invested in my success.
Hiring a lawyer is all about the value of the advice you get. It pays to hire the right people and I felt confident in Elizabeth’s ability to represent me.
She’s smart, strategic and no BS. She also speaks multiple languages, which I appreciate. Other lawyers had told me that getting my NAFTA work permit wasn’t possible and that I wouldn’t be successful. They were wrong!
Elizabeth is also savvy enough to switch up your strategy when obstacles inevitably arise. Half-way through my work permit application, the NAFTA regulations changed. Had it not been for Elizabeth’s knowledge of this, and I had applied on my own, I would’ve been denied a work permit and potential re-entry into Canada. She helped me to reposition my application given the new regulations.
When I flew into YYZ and submitted my work permit application, not only did it get approved, but the customs agent extended it to TWO FULL YEARS (instead of one) without me asking!
Elizabeth is pure magic and I highly recommend her! Thank you for your amazing work and service. You changed my life for the better!
— Lauryn B.
We are extremely happy with the services provided by Long Mangalji LLP - Elizabeth is very knowledgeable, confident and her answers to our questions were always thoughtful and complete. She helped us plan for a very difficult immigration process with extremely tight deadlines and guided us to a successful permanent residency! Thank you!
— Rodrigo R.
I had my first consultation with LM Law Group in December 2016 and was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the Canadian Immigration System - particularly the Express Entry Program. I retained them in March 2017, after getting a few prerequisites in order, and there was never a moment in time when I felt like I couldn’t get questions answered or when I felt like maybe they were working in my favour. The true test of service, in my opinion, is attention to detail and the LM team went above and beyond my expectations with their meticulous and thorough nature. They learnt my circumstances and represented by daughter and I in the best way possible! They truly work in best interest of their clients and would provide the best legal guidance to ensure you get the best shot at Canadian immigration. Kudos, hats-off, Thank you to the Long Mangalji team. Your services were worth every penny, every email, every phone call. To Ziah, Nusra, Chung, Fazan & Nargis: it was indeed a pleasure being your client and interacting with you all, and I am immensely grateful for all that you did to help my daughter and I become Permanent Residence as of February 2018! XO
— Zindzi
Absolutely most professional and responsible service I’ve ever had! I’ve got tough situation when I want to applied for my permanent residence couple years ago. Elizabeth used her best judgment to make a perfect plan for my case and her assistant Cynthia followed up responsively. I got my landing paper just two and half month after I was drawn from the EE pool. Successfully becoming a Canadian permanent residence means a lot for myself and my family. Thanks to Elizabeth and her professional team! I highly recommend you to retain them if you have any issue regarding your immigration.
— Yudi S.
I had an overall very positive experience with Long Mangalji LLP. They helped me through every step of obtaining my permanent residence by making sure I had the correct documents for my applications, providing expert advice and keeping me up to date on all of the changes to immigration law while my application was still pending. At one specific point where I had very little time to gather the documentation in order to submit a provincial nomination application, Aadil assigned multiple lawyers to my case to ensure that my application would be submitted on time. Moreover, Ziah and the other lawyers working on my application were always very attentive to my needs, understanding of my situation and consistently took the time to answer my questions in a comprehensible way. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of my application and I would certainly recommend Long Mangalji LLP to anyone looking to immigrate to Canada.
— Coulter W.
Elizabeth came highly recommended by a lawyer I had previously worked with and was not equipped to help me Canadian immigration himself. I had an initial consultation with Elizabeth who laid out the entire process very clearly and gave me a good breakdown of my chances and options. She was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I decided to move forward with Long mangalji. They made the entire process very easy and were there at all times to answer any questions I had or any help needed to draft the required documents. I never had a single issue and was provided exceptional legal service by Elizabeth and her entire team.
— Nikhil AM.
I worked with Ziah Sumar through the process of getting my permanent residence. Her and her colleagues were professional and provided guidance whenever it was needed. It’s also important to note that Ziah is incredibly compassionate and empathetic, which makes the whole experience less stressful. I have been recommending this firm to people in my personal life, and have no reservations about recommending it to the broader public as well.
— Elena G.
If you are looking for immigration advise, or help don’t look further! Me and my husband have dealt with numerous immigration laywers in the past and none of them had the knowledge, expertise, efficiency nor professionalism in their collaborations with clients as Long Mangalji does. We were in the unfortunate position to have to leave the country after a mistake done by a CIC officer in our PR process(after 5 years of studying, working and living in Canada). We tried many laywer firms (not to mention big names) giving us no hope of staying or loosing all our money in an endless game of trying to get the PR untill we met Elizabeth Long. Elizabeth explained all the steps that we had to take to restore our status in our very first visit by showing us all the proper documentation in CIC website. She also assured us that she will fight till we get all papers back along with the PR. And so she did! After restoring our status - which was quick and didn’t cost us an arm and a leg - we applied again together for the PR. To our bad fortune another mistake by a CIC officer occured in the second application and again we lost our status and had to leave the country. All hope was lost and we were struggling whether to leave the country or stay and try again. Elizabeth convinced us the other way. She re-aplied immidiately for another PR and also tried to get our status back. After a long, stressful fight we saw light. CIC admitted their mistake, we got our status back and two days after our PR got approved! There are no words to express our gratitude to Elizabeth and her team! Her sensitivity, humanity and encouragement along with the knowledge, expertise and experience guided us through a very hard and complex way. We highly recommend Long and Mangalji not only for their superior in legal advise and practise but also for their support and compassion throughout the whole project. A big THANK YOU to Elizabeth Long and her team.
— C Art & Design.
We were provided with excellent advice and service since the first day we contacted Aadil to discuss on immigration options for me and my family to Canada. He explained each stage carefully laid out options most suitable for us based on our experience and qualifications. Their services were imperative in completion and submission of our online application. They showed they truly care for their clients by the efficiency, effectiveness and promptness of their services. We always received a response to our queries made via email within a day. We are extremely happy with their services and will recommend them to anyone.
— Amata D.
Best immigration law firm, hands down! From the initial consultation my partner and I had with Aadil to determine our eligibility, we just knew we were in the right hands! Aadil thoroughly explained the Express Entry process and he and the rest of the team were always responsive, personable and highly professional. Prior to our initial consultation, we were beginning to think permanent residency was out of our reach, however, we were quickly reassured. Working with the Long Mangalji firm has been one of the best experiences we’ve had, as we always felt we had someone to address our questions or concerns and guide us each step of the way. Aadil and the team have been extremely instrumental in making our dreams a reality and for that we are forever grateful.
— Shanaaz S.
The best of the best, triple A, world class law firm for immigration, my wife and children were stranded in a foreign country, canceled visas during their trip. When Elizabeth Long took charge of our case, all our suffering ended very soon because their expertise, abilities, professionalism and the strategy and execution of her team were extraordinary, flawless. Best immigration lawyers in Canada, guaranteed, don’t look further, this is the team you need.
— Pedro G.
I came to Canada as a student, and was working full-time as a professional cook after graduating from culinary school. soon i realized i was really enjoying my stay here in Canada and i decided to apply for my permanent residence thereafter, although for lay-people like me bureaucracy can be quite a handful and an arduous process and that’s when i was recommended to Long and Mangalji by a colleague, who i worked with at the time. It’s fair to note that the paperwork involved is exhaustive, and is also critical to have an application that represents you in your best light, Ask for Ziah and Fazan, they helped me power through the process, and were meticulous with every other detail that i would have surely missed, had i to go at this on my own. Undoubtedly professional and definitely made me feel that they cared. They get a gold star from me.
— Carl S.
I’d like to thank Aadil and his staff so much for all hard work in helping my PR sponsorship application of my mother. My case was at stake 2 years ago when my mother got involved into a lengthy and nasty civil litigation in the country she live in, which critically impacted her PR application. I had to repeatedly persuade IRCC to grant my mother more time for dealing with her legal issues but IRCC had no obligation to wait for us. I began to feel confidence about my case at the first consultant meeting with Aadil. He was extremely patient, knowledgeable and willing to take the time to make sure every detail was explained. Aadil’s professional knowledge of immigration law is first-rate. He well understood what my case need and what the best strategies to achieve it. I could see his enthusiasm about my case and he is certainly an excellent lawyer I can trust. It was a long and stressful process and due to involving a separate legal proceeding in another country, situation was keep changing. In very crucial time, Aadil could always make a quick and thorough analysis and gave the best professional advice to move my case a step on right direction. Communication skills of Aadil and his staff is the best. I was impressed that he always response my inquiries promptly - sometimes just few minutes right after I sent out an email with questions. Anytime if I need them, they’re just a phone call away. I felt that they really took care of my concerns, even trivial ones, and took the time to ensure they addressed my concerns and answered all my questions. They always kept me updated on what is happening, even on little things, like submitting a file, which reduced many of my anxiety during a difficult time. I have to say that Aadil tried all ways to achieve the best possible outcome of my case. As my case involved legal issues of another country, Aadil did a lot of work to guide me to provide files that make sense to IRCC and these efforts played significant role in the success of my mother’s PR application. Without hesitation I would definitely recommend Aadil and his firm to anyone who needs help in immigration concerns. He and his staff provide outstanding service because they’re outstanding people. Great thanks for everything. Thank you!
— Peter Z.
I worked with Aadil and Fazan on my express entry application and was very happy with their excellent services throughout the process! They provided very clear and helpful guidance, were very responsive to my questions and concerns, and I am sure they were critical to helping me achieve a successful outcome without any complications in a very quick time frame. Highly recommended!
— Tenzing T.
I hired Long Mangalji for my spousal sponsorship and worked with Aadil Mangalji. I was extremely satisfied with their services. Their firm was completely professional and helpful. I always got a quick response to all of my inquiries. They kept me updated at all times. Aadil handled my case with care and acted as a friend as well. Through these difficult times I can always count on Aadil. I would highly recommend Long Mangalji to anyone that needs immigration advise.
— Rehnuma A.
Aadil and his team were with my husband and I every step of the way, during the long and complicated process of getting our Permanent Residency. Aadil went above and beyond for us and I doubt we’d have accomplished our dream of starting our new life in Canada if we hadn’t had his help along the way. Thank you!
— Mel Y.
We would like to thank Ziah and the rest of the team at Long Mangalji LLP for their outstanding work in getting me the desired PR confirmation. Originally, we had hoped to do this on our own - but with so much going in our lives we realized that we needed to hire someone to do it and we ended up being in good hands. They navigated us safely through an ever changing and confusing immigration process. I had originally learned about Long Mangalji LLP at a workshop at the University of Toronto, where Elizabeth provided an excellent and up-to-date presentation on the current situation for potential immigrants like me. It was this commitment to outreach and doing more than what’s necessary that convinced me to reach out to them. We’re glad that we made the right choice.
— Ralf B.
I couldn’t have done by myself everything that they did for me, they organized and wrote every possible document that I needed to get my work permit. They helped me with the translations and even arranged the paperwork with the company. I successfully got it with all the desired outcomes, for three years. I’m really grateful.
— Adriana G.
Elizabeth and her team worked tirelessly to support my partner and I during our (unexpectedly protracted) permanent residency application. We began the process of seeking PR as the old points-based system was phased out and the Express Entry mandate came into effect, which meant the ground was constantly shifting beneath us as new rules and requirements emerged. Elizabeth had the experience and foresight to anticipate ongoing changes in policy and help us develop an optimal plan for staying afloat as we navigated the many twists and turns of our journey. It was a long road, but we finally secured PR due to the knowledge, persistence, and encouragement of the L&M team. Their flexibility and expertise were absolutely critical to our application’s success, and we’re profoundly grateful to have built the relationship we now have. All this to say, if you’re looking for a firm whose superior legal practice is matched by their willingness to stand by you when the going gets tough, we can’t recommend L&M enough! Thanks again to whole team!
— Bryan A.
Thanks a lot Long MangaljiLLP for helping me successfully receive PR approval. The team is very professional with details and always provide the latest information, saving me much time. Additionally, I recommend Long Mangalji LLP to Mandarin speakers if you feel more comfortable to communicate in Mandarin.
— Ningjun Z.
The team at Long Mangalji is extremely helpful – From my first consultation to receiving my passport they have been thorough and diligent in the whole process. Elizabeth was and continues to be available, fast acting, and extremely resourceful to resolve complications. I am really happy to have had the pleasure to work with them.
— Anuja M.
I am so appreciative of Elizabeth and the entire Long & Mangalji team! They knew exactly what they were doing and were super proactive throughout the entire process. In addition to their unconditional support, they kept me informed at all times and were always available to answer my questions and give reassurance where needed.

My entire process of immigration was extremely smooth, successful and satisfactory. I am forever grateful that I got to work with this team of professionals and recommend them to anyone in need of immigration services!
— Zoya S.
As a former international student to Canada who recently landed for PR, I would *highly* recommend anyone take their business to Long Mangalji. The staff and lawyers are organized, transparent, available, knowledgeable and empathetic.
— David S.
Ms. Ziah Sumar represented me in my immigration case from last October. I obtained the permanent resident status in April 2017. Throughout the entire process, I am very impressed by the high level of professionalism that Ms. Sumar and her team have demonstrated. In particular, the following is worth mentioning:

Ms. Sumar always made her accessible whenever I need her advice or clarification and her follow-ups were timely.
I appreciated the thorough checklists were used in helping prepare various applications. They helped make my communications with her team more efficient.
To resolve complications arising from my case, Ms. Sumar showed her compassion by patiently listening to my questions/concerns, logically analyzed my options, demonstrating her good experience and legal knowledge and effectively taking appropriate action.
While my job was on the line as a result of the refusal of work permit renewal, Ms. Sumar used her legal expertise trying to rectify the situation and subsequently assisted to speed up the PR process by sending emails to IRCC. With her diligent work, I was able to obtain the PR within a timeframe that enabled me to go back to my job.

Thank you, Ziah and your team for all the hard work that has led to an excellent result in my case. I enjoyed working with you and would have no hesitation to recommend your service to anyone who requires immigration legal service.
— Eva S.
I hired Elizabeth working on my EE case from last May, and I got my PR now. Elizabeth and her team is super professional and efficient during the whole process of my immigration application. They helped me a lot on solving many issues that I encountered especially in my case. They planned very well ahead and executed carefully which made me felt safe and secured. Greatly appreciate for their hard work and service !!!
— Andy Z.
I hired Elisabeth and her team over a year ago to help me become a permanent resident to Canada. From the beginning they were very clear on what my options were and about the pros and cons of the different paths I had ahead of me. Once we decided how to move forward, they made each step of the way clear and less of a hassle. They always answered my emails right away, and they were very sensitive to my questions and concerns. Before I hired them I went and saw other lawyers, but they seemed less knowledgeable and not as confident on my possibilities. One thing I really liked about Elisabeth is that from the beginning she proposed a plan B if my plan A failed. Fortunately, it didn’t and I am now a permanent resident. I feel very lucky to have had their help.
— Lucia D.
Working with the members of Long Mangalji LLP group has been an absolute positive experience. Everyone conducted themselves in a welcoming and utmost professional manner. The team was always prompt to respond to all my personal queries and made me feel that my application and concerns were always their top priority.
Knowing that I had the unconditional support of the firm at each phase made the entire process much less daunting. I believe that their sound advice, quick judgement and wealth of Immigration knowledge greatly contributed to the overall success of my application and for that I am forever grateful. I would recommend the Long Mangalji LLP group to anyone needing assistance or advice with immigration matters.
— Lisha G.

Four years ago I had a very complicated case of immigration.
I married back home, blessed a baby K and laid off my work
The baby was ok until three months old when he developed serious medical condition
K was inseparable from his mom, he needed 24hr monitoring.
At the age of 3 months, professional advice had it that an attempt to separate them could be worse than it was
My wife was on sponsorship already which could take years to mature. The time was against us. I was hanging on upper sky or diving in deep see with no end in sight
The support to my family was dwindling, the health of my son was deteriorating fast.
I walked to different firms in search of help. The best answer was ‘impossible’
I was sleepless for months with occupied minds, and pressure mounting on my shoulders. At certain point I could see myself helpless, confused and melting down
Someone referred me to Long Mangalji firm where I was received by Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was friendly, calm and composed in first encounter
She made me feel comfortable as if we knew each other before.
She took time to listen to my story in general. She asked details of my situation
Eliza showed diversity in every aspect of life and environment. She connects the dots, understands the tradition, culture and barriers that anyone could have
Finally, Elizabeth set appointments for further discussions and evaluation of my case
The first day was a victory, I had a sleep for 6 hours continuously in a year of turmoil, anguish and frustrations. At least someone agreed to step up in search of solution
The next appointments were to discuss the details, priority, goals and modus operandi.
Elizabeth was not short of professionalism. She ensemble a team of experts, Aadil, Emory and others to set the ball rolling.
I could see how the team was well informed and prepared for the challenges ahead
After 6 months my wife and son were in Canada for the much needed medical attendance, one life was saved.
K beats the odds and is getting better and better every day
Then other processes continued to get my wife a Permanent resident status.
She has received her PR recently. The family is united under one roof
This is my testimony to Long Mangalji Law Firm.
I thank the Firm for the kindness, humanity and true professionalism
For those standing on my old shoes, you’re not alone the help is available, contact Long Mangalji

— A, Lau and K
I am very grateful to the Long Mangalji LLP law firm for their guidance and support. With their help I am now able to say I am a permanent resident of Canada! I sought out their services as my situation seemed futile; from my research Permanent Residency didn’t seem like a realistic expectation due to the prerequisites and as I was using a work permit that was expiring soon it looked like I would have to return to my country of birth.

They were able to turn this seemingly lost cause into a success story. It would have been easy to think I knew what I was doing and give up, but their knowledge and expertise made the process manageable. They were able to put together a very strong application that passed comfortably. Their knowledge and expertise helped them uncover particulars that I overlooked and actually even had no idea where relevant.

Throughout the entire process I sincerely felt care for. I never once thought I was just a number to them, I cannot express how important it is to feel that your best interests are in the hands of people who genuinely want you to succeed.

I also appreciated how they were very professional when dealing with very intimate information about myself and my family. I did not feel judged or awkward through the entire process. As a very conservative person, I have difficulties trusting others with personal information, but the team at Long Mangalji made me feel comfortable and secure.

I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Long Mangalji LLP to anyone who is in need. In fact I have formed such strong bonds with the team there that, I will once again solicit their services when the time comes for me to apply for my Canadian Citizenship. They exceeded my expectations on every level and were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure nothing was overlooked to ensure that I got my Permanent Residency.
— Musa Z.
Hi Aadil,
My name is Mohammad S. I was your client about 7 or 8 years ago. At that time, I was trying to sponsor my common-law partner, Adeira, who had a deportation order issued to her when we came to see you.
You applied for a stay of removal which was granted and then I successfully sponsored her.
I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for what you did. When we came to you we were truly desperate for help and hopeless about the future. What you did for us really changed our lives. All 3 of us! Every time we speak about that experience, we always praise you and are genuinely thankful and appreciate what you did for us.
Hope all is well with you and Elizabeth.

— Mohammad S.
Was referred to Aadil Mangalji by a friend. Aadil, Elizabeth Long and their associates were consistently available and eager to help my partner and I immigrate to Canada. They offered us honest and affordable solutions to our legal needs, and remained in constant contact throughout the whole permanent residency process. They are professional, personable, and really work hard to achieve the best possible results. I was particularly impressed with their diligent attitude towards my own case, and their realistic approach to time lines. I will refer them to anyone looking for immigration counsel.
— Andrew L.
I contacted Long Mangalji after attending Elizabeth Long’s permanent residency information session at my university. Elizabeth and Aadil carefully assessed my and my husband’s credentials in order to determine the best route to take in applying for PR. My husband and I each qualified for application under different classes so it was very important to us to determine the best approach. The lawyers were thorough in their assessment and offered straight-forward advice. Elizabeth and Aadil were instrumental in helping us to navigate immigration law and they were very knowledgeable about changes in the law. From the consultation to receiving our PR confirmation, we received excellent guidance and regular updates about our application. My experience working with Long Mangalji was positive, and I recommend their services for anyone interested in successfully immigrating to Canada.
— Christine N.
I am very grateful for this law firm. My case was completely a disaster! The wonderful lawyers at LONG MANGALJI really helped me figure out my options. Yes it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. I was educated in Canada and lived here for 10 years before post 2015 CIC changes were going put everything I had ever worked for on the line. It was not an easy process at all. They are straight forward, no B**** SH** and tell you exactly how it is. It took me a VERY long time to trust a lawyer with my life (being over educated and self confident that I could do it all by my self). But finally I did and it paid off. The only regret is that I didnt do this earlier. Immigration rules change like local weather in Toronto (no pun intended lol) and it is hard to keep up. Knowing these changes is what they do as immigration lawyers. Use them so you don’t end up where I was 2 months go. Well done :) and thank you :)
— Dinuka G.
My experience working with Long Mangalji was overwhelmingly positive, from my first consultation with Aadil and Ziah right up to my confirmation as a Permanent Resident. They were extremely attentive to detail, accessible over the phone and email, and knowledgeable about the application deadlines and the documents required for each step of the process. I also found every member of the team to be friendly and professional, making an effort to keep me informed about the progress of my application and happy to answer any questions I had along the way. Working with them was a pleasure!
— Elena N.
I was referred to Aadil Mangalji when I was in a confused state where I had lost faith in lawyers. However, sitting down with him was the best decision I have ever taken in my life where lawyers are concerned. He not only proved me wrong but won me over with his professionalism and the way he explained things to me. Unlike other lawyers, he did not promise the sun and the moon. He clearly stated the facts. Two so called reputed lawyers actually cheated me off thousands of dollars and I am so grateful to Aadil for being honest and taking the case and handling it personally. During the hearing, he actually impressed me the way he managed to retract all the opposition accusations and redirected to clear the statements and win the case for me. What I like about him is the way he personally study the case and has all the information at finger tips to even intercept the judge! I would say every penny spent on his services is well worth! I will let you be the judge and would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an honest lawyer
— K. W.
My experience with Long Mangalji LLP was excellent.

When I request their assistance for my permanent residency, they were very helpful and professional. I was afraid of this application, but with their help and advices, my permanent residency was granted in less than 4 months !!!!

They are very reactive and could answer any of my questions and calm any anxiety I had, especially with a stressful process like immigration.

I strongly recommend this firm for any Canadian immigration case.

— David S.
The complex process of obtaining permanent residence in Canada can turn into an administrative nightmare even for well-educated persons. Let’s be honest: it is also costly —whichever Toronto based firm you choose— but once you become a permanent resident, you know that all this was worth it. With the Long&Mangalji team, whether the friendly and competent lawyers themselves or their efficient clerks, you can be sure that you won’t waste your time nor your money, whichever is most precious to you. In my case, they clearly laid out several possible options and we choose what proved to be the quickest route to permanent residence, with success. They made sure that nothing was missing or incomplete in our documents. They were always present to answer our questions. If you feel that you cannot handle this legal immigration intricate bureaucratic labyrinth on your own, I strongly recommend that you hire Long&Mangalji as your guides.
— F. G.
Saying that Elizabeth is the best is not enough. She made everything looks easy even when everything seemed hard.

We are so happy for choosing her. Actually my boss did, but I don’t have any regrets. She was amazing, always there for us, she never refused any phone call, and there were a lot a calls :-).

She has knowledge and experience, the combination that you want in this important moment of your life. She was amazing.

And in just not even 5 months we are Permanent Residents.

All I have to say to all of Elizabeth Long team (and yes, specially you Melissa) is a big THANK YOU. It wouldn’t be possible without all of you.

Thank You all
— Augusta N.
The immigration process can be a long and overbearing experience and it is always a blessing when you have experts helping you along the way ,which was exactly what Elizabeth and her team did. She worked with me from the first month (2012) I was in Canada and did all my applications for my permits to my PR. I couldn’t have done it without their help and guidance. They were proactive and kept me up to date with all changes CIC introduces that may affect my situation. Melissa, her assistant was very prudent and contributed to the overall excellent client experience. My sincere gratitude for all your time, effort and assistance with my applications.
— Treshana W.
Attaining Mangaji LLP for your immigration related matters; you will surely receive a thorough and honest assessment, detailed and professional explanation of the process in plain language to ensure full understanding of your case. They will always keep you updated. They helped me with our son’s application; it was an unbelievably pleasant experience. Aadil and Elizabeth explained the pros and cons to us, and suggested us to take few extra steps to ensure smooth transitions. They even go out of their way to connect us to other professionals’ services. My wife and I followed their advices, with the trust we have built between the firm and us, we fully corporate with them during the process.My wife and I have done extensive research on obtaining our son’s citizenship prior to consulting with Aadil and Elizabeth, we have also consulted few well-advertised immigration lawyers, and we were told that “almost no chance under current Immigration Law”, few requested us to deposit a large amount of legal fees without a sound plan or logic.Aadil and Elizabeth worked together, and our son was granted Canadian citizenship through Adoption. Have faith in them; they charge very reasonable fees to cover their hours, and they work hard for you.
— Mario G.
My husband and I were very lucky to have Elizabeth as our lawyer. Our PR application was, I could say, one of the hardest case of all. We failed twice in the past, and even had a nightmare with the previous lawyer. Surprisingly, right after we told Elizabeth our situation at the initial consultation, she showed us the possible best way and other options. Until we met her, we had been in a total mess, but Elizabeth put us on the right track. Since then, every time we go to the next stage, she gave us the right guidance and options. I cannot tell our personal matter, but no one could make this miracle happen except Elizabeth. I would like to say thank you to all the people who made this possible, especially Elizabeth and Melissa. Immigration matter is somebody’s life, and our family were saved by Elizabeth and the staff’s great work! I definitely recommend Long Mangalji LLP! They are highly professional!
— Fumie T.
Elizabeth Long was recommended to my husband and I by an associate from my husband’s company who had previously used her firm to obtain Permanent Residency status in Canada. She was very professional and knowledgeable about the requirements of the CEC (Canadian Experience Class) process. She took the time to explain the process in a very personal and honest manner and was always available to address our questions and concerns. She made us feel comfortable and we trusted her completely.We are now permanent residence of Canada owing the success of our application to the excellent services supplied by Elizabeth and her team.
— Caroline G.
My experience with Long Mangalji LLP was a positive one. They helped me to win my appeal to enable me bring my spouse to Canada. All the staff there were very helpful, especially, Aadil and Emory. They did their best to prepare me before time for the hearing and I was so at ease when I appeared before the judge. I will definitely recommend this Firm to anyone with immigration needs to use this Law Firm if they want to achieve positive result. Long Mangalji is the place to be when it comes to immigration purposes. They did it for me and they can do it for you, too. All the best to the good people at Mangalji. Thanks.
— Kojo A.
I am grateful to Long Mangalji LLP for all assistance provided to me in my application process. I received timely, case-specific advice and result orientated action tailored for my objectives. Elizabeth, started off with a good situational analysis and then an appropriate plan of action clearly outlining the different steps. There were obviously challenging moments, but these were duly handled with professionalism. All communication was carefully worded and the right quarters contacted. Knowing what to do or say, when, how, to whom is what really made the difference and I think this is what really matters in any enterprise. I will not hesitated recommending Long Mangalji LLP to anyone who requires the type of services they offer. GO THERE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! My special “thank you” to the whole team!
— Peter N.
My PR application went very smoothly with the service and assistance provided by Long Mangalji LLP; I gained my PR status in about one year. I was so impressed by their knowledge of immigration laws when they walked me through the application process step by step and provided me with clear and efficient instructions. They had put a lot of thoughts and care into the preparation of my documents, which made a very successful experience for me. I really appreciate their help and highly recommend Long Mangalji LLP.
— Kai Z.
My experience with Long Mangalji LLP was a positive one. They helped me to win my appeal to enable me bring my spouse to Canada. All the staff there were very helpful, especially, Aadil and Emory. They did their best to prepare me before time for the hearing and I was so at ease when I appeared before the judge. I will definitely recommend this Firm to anyone with immigration needs to use this Law Firm if they want to achieve positive result. Long Mangalji is the place to be when it comes to immigration purposes. They did it for me and they can do it for you, too. All the best to the good people at Mangalji. ThanksKojo
— Kojo A.
Long Mangalji LLP made it happened! Long Mangalji LLP’s service is exceptional. They keep an close eye on what’s changing in the immigration laws closely, so you don’t miss your chance getting your case approved. My case went through a lot of hurdles and Elizabeth Long was always there to give me the right guidance and advise. She fought for me and encouraged me not to give up. Without Long Mangalji LLP and Elizabeth Long, I wouldn’t have come a permanent resident in Canada. I highly recommend Long Mangalji LLP. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff and they are always there for you. Thank you guys!
— Peter C.
My experience with Long Mangalji has been a fantastic one, attentive at all times and they have always provided my wife and I with an excellent service from day one. Communication was always great and all of our questions were always answered promptly. The whole process was stress free and my PR was finalised much faster than we had anticipated. When we want to look into citizenship i won’t hesitate to use Long Mangalji again, i cannot recommend them enough.
— Oliver M.
Our experience with Long Mangalji LLP was excellent. We began our Canadian immigration process in 2011 and received our permanent residency in April of 2013. Elizabeth Long personally handled the case and was very attentive and responsive to our concerns. We felt like we had someone on our side at all times. Most importantly, they were very knowledgeable about all the different immigration scenarios, pitfalls, and the immigration law landscape in Canada. We will use Long Mangalji again when it is time to apply for Canadian citizenship, and we highly recommend their services to anyone interested in immigrating to Canada.
— Ismael S.
The Law Firm of Long Mangalji, LLP is exceptional - top with their legal counsel - highly professional on all fronts, yet are warm and available to their clients. The firm assisted during my transition from USA to Canada with a job opportunity. After one year, I decided to apply for Permanent Residency. Long Mangalji, LLP presented very clear options for my application. The firm worked with me in compiling the needed documents. I always felt comfortable either calling or emailing the firm with any questions or needed clarifications. Most times, I received a response back the same day with the answers. During my PR application, I received a promotion at my work. Long Mangalji offered clear guidance for me to inform my employer on best steps to take while waiting for my PR. Truly, I never doubted the advise that the firm offered me at anytime. My PR was granted in about 9 months - less than the year that was anticipated. I believe this was due to the guidance of Long Mangalji, LLP. Without reservation, I recommend Long Mangalji, LLP to anyone seeking a trusted and leading immigration law firm. One will not be disappointed by being their client.
— Brian B.
I was very satisfied with how Long Mangalji LLP managed my permanent residency application and how they planned and dealt with my application in an efficient and professional manner. This greatly aided me in having my application approved in such a short time frame. They also continually kept me informed on how my application was advancing through every step of the approval process.
— Liam C.
My wife and I cannot rate this firm highly enough. I am a critical person and do not hesitate to criticize anything less than the service I expect. This firm handled everything very well. We were always kept informed so we were never wondering what was going on. All questions were answered quickly and clearly. They were very helpful with all problems along the way. I would confidently recommend Elizabeth and this firm to friends and family.
— Ian W.
I very highly recommend Long Mangalji LLP. There are very good reasons why:

I had previously retained big name law firms to individual lawyers. Every time the moment I had retained them, they would cut off communication and only contact me at the very last moment when something very serious like an interview or court date would come up. Also they would never spend more than 15 mins discussing my application. The entire process took years with no successful results. After going through many different lawyers and law firms and years of frustration and unsuccessful results from Citizenship and Immigration, as a last resort I contacted Long Mangalji LLP. At that time, my application was on the verge of rejection, despite my Canadian education, work history and upbringing.

At my first meeting, Aadil Mangalji personally sat down with me and went over my entire case and helped me understand the whole process. Soon after I retained the firm, Aadil contacted me to come in to his office. Once there again he personally sat down with me and helped me resubmit my entire application. In less than a year my application to CIC was successful. Meanwhile, Aadil and his secretary always kept me informed and kept a communication channel open. I never felt uninformed or frustrated while dealing with Long Mangalji LLP. Ultimately, Aadil and his team was able to get me what no other law firm did – success and with that peace of mind. From my experience, they were highly professional, diligent at their work and very friendly. Thus, my high recommendations!
— Susahosh R.
I am a British citizen that has recently been granted permanent residency to Canada. I used Long Mangalji to help me with this process as I was serious about getting it - it turned out to be the best decision I made!

LM made a complicated process so much simpler for me - I was very stressed about getting all the information right and documenting it into one package, but once I voiced my struggles to them they took over and I didn’t need to worry about it again.

They understand what you are applying for with great knowledge and depth and they know what you need to do to get to where you want.
They will not lead you on a journey that they don’t believe you can accomplish and they layout all your possibilities and options at the start so you can make an informed decision.

I felt that I was in safe hands and I trusted them from the start as their knowledge (Elizabeth in particular) was amazing and delivered in such a way that was easy to understand.

I highly recommend using LM for your visa needs - it makes a complicated process much simpler and gives you peace of mind.

A happy customer.
— Paul J.
My experience with Long Mangalji LLP and Elizabeth especially was very good. She helped me to obtain my PR in only 7 months after I submitted my application. I was always properly informed of the status of my request and that was highly appreciated.
— Rocio P.
I cannot recommend Long Mangalji LLP highly enough. The immigration process can be overwhelming, frustrating, and terrifying. Every single person I dealt with at this firm was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and, more importantly, extremely kind. No question or concern (and there were myriad) went unaddressed. I feel certain that we would not have submitted our application and been approved as quickly as we were without Long Mangalji. You will not find a better firm for your immigration needs.
— Petra E.
Long Mangalji LLP has been very helpful in answering all of the questions and concerns that we have had about my pending citizenship and my husband’s future residency/ citizenship.We had several meetings with them, and they never hesitated to schedule us when it is convenient for us.We always feel welcome when we get there and at ease when we leave.They are very professional and courteous.They are very considerate and understand our situation.You can feel their concern and sincerity. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
— Rochelle J.
I was referred to Elizabeth by a colleague whom already had used the firms services and managed to succeeded in securing their status in Canada. Elizabeth was a true professional, very helpful and always available for any question or concerns. I always received immediate replies to my emails, she was always open for any consultancy regarding the process. She explained all possible scenarios and recommended the best case that would accommodate my situation based on her experience. She was accurate in the information she provided and was always willing to help, everything went according to plan. I would certainly recommend her for anyone seeking to secure their Residency and complete the application.
— Muhei E.
I don’t like to publish my personal matters on public;
But all I could say that Mangalji turned my immigration file from total mess and failure to success.

The honesty, dedication, awareness, care and follow up I got through this firm are not comparable with any other law firms.

I built this opinion and comparison on five years of experiences full of struggle and failures.

Thank you guys, me and my family will never have the words to show our appreciations.
— Amgad S.
Great People, Great Company!

I have had an excellent experience with Long Mangalji and most especially Elizabeth Long.

She’s very knowledgeable and experienced. Her service have greatly met my immigration needs. She acts professionally and courteously, always coming up with best approaches based on needs. I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking immigration services.
— Wale
Kuen and I would like to express our appreciation for your capable assistance in her successful permanent resident application.

We had previously initiated the process with two other sources and felt unsupported in the procedure.

Your professionalism and always available support throughout the procedure was terrific.

We would readily recommend your services to others in need.
— Eric N. and Kuen C.
As a guest of Long Mangalji LLP, I am so happy to write down my immigration experience to let you know how great work this firm can do to help you with.

As immigration policies are changing so many in these few years, I am unfortunately missed the opportunity of CEC, I feel so upset and don’t know what to do. then I was introduced to Elizabeth Long who is a great lawyer in this firm. With her help, I reorganized my information and applied Express Entry; Like others, my score is way below than 450, there is almost no chance for me to be picked up.

Luckily, with Elizabeth’s help, we found a new program for Ontario, called OOPNP, she noticed I am qualified for it. Without any delay, we did the application and I am so lucky got picked up by this program, then I got extra 600 scores for my application; it helped me get my PR successfully.

With their working experiences and quick response with the new policies, that’s the reason I finally get the chance to live in Canada and start a new life.

During my whole immigration process, everyone who follow my case is working really hard, they contacted me quickly, keep me update for everything, explained to me those things I don’t understand patiently,comfort my nervous feeling,
They even think about my financial ability during the process.

All I can say is that the firm is not only working for you, everyone in this firm is so nice, they care about you, they really did their best to help you.
— Marina L.