New Caregiver Program Rules

Last Friday, the government announced major changes to the Caregiver Program, with the new rules to apply on November 30, 2014.

The former Live-In Caregiver Program will be divided into two programs:

    1. Caregivers who take care of children
    2. Caregivers who take care of seniors or persons with disabilities or critical illness 

Here's a rundown of the main changes:

  • The new programs will: 
    • require all applicants to pass English or French exams
    • require all applicants who apply for permanent residence to have a degree or diploma from at least a one-year college or university program
    • Continue to require 2 out of 4 years of full-time work experience in Canada as caregivers with work permits to qualify for permanent residence
  • Although applicants will no longer be required to live with the employer, it may be more difficult to obtain LMIAs (formerly LMOs) which are required to obtain work permits for this program
  • There will be a quota of 2,750 for each of the two programs. If an application for permanent residence is submitted after the quota is filled, the application will be returned
  • Many applicants who qualify under the old system will no longer qualify under the new system. Those who have already received work permits or who apply for work permits based on LMIAs received before November 30 will be able to apply under the old system