Theories on What's in Store for the Express Entry System

This year, the Canadian government implemented the Express Entry system which has drastically changed the landscape of the economic categories for permanent residence. Candidates have been entering into the Express Entry pool where they are given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on an established criteria. Every 1-4 weeks, the government announces a draw where only those with fairly high CRS scores are invited to apply for permanent residence.

To date, the lowest CRS score that has been announced for a draw is 450 points. The main portion of the candidates in the pool, however, have scores ranging from 300-450. As of CIC's report in July 6, 2015, there are approximately 36,000 candidates in that range waiting in the pool. Nevertheless, we think that many of these candidates may still have a chance to obtain permanent residence in the next few months based on the following: 

  • To date, the government has issued approximately 25,000 invitations. This is far below their goal of issuing 74,000 invitations to Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class candidates in 2015. If the government intends on meeting their target, they will need to issue invitations to those with scores within the 300-450 range before the end of the year.  

  • Another action the government could take would be to allow candidates who are currently working on work permits without LMIAs to obtain 600 points like those candidates with work permits based on LMIAs. Given the emphasis the government has placed on Canadian work experience and the uncertainty that these workers now face, it would make sense for the government to make this move.

  • Finally, Canada is currently in the midst of a federal election where the three main parties are polling within narrow margins of each other. If a new government is elected on October 19, this system could very well be revamped again.

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