Spousal Work Permits

Tips about the new Caregiver Program

The new Caregiver program that replaced the old Live-in-Caregiver program has created much confusion for families who want to hire caregivers and for workers who want to immigrate under this program.  Here are some of the tips about the program that may help you: 

  • It has become quite difficult to get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for caregivers. A recent Toronto Star article reported that less than 10% of applications have been approved since the new program started.  It is still possible to obtain a LMIA for a caregiver in some locations.  However, we highly advise obtaining advice and representation when deciding to submit your application.
  • Those persons with open work permits (such as post-grad work permits, spousal work permits, or IEC work permits), however, may now qualify for permanent residence under the Caregiver program if they work for 2 years in Canada taking care of a child, elderly person, or a person living with a chronic illness or disability.  (Please note that students would not be able to use their work experience gained while they are studying full-time for this program).  
  • Given the difficulties of obtaining an LMIA, families may find it easier to find persons with open work permits to work for them rather than applying for LMIAs.
  • Persons with open work permits may also find the Caregiver program an easier way to obtain permanent residence than the Express Entry system.

To find out how if this program is right for you, contact us at (416) 548-9101, or at inquiries@lmlawgroup.com.