Since 2007, our firm has worked with thousands of extraordinary individuals. Here is our story.


Long Mangalji LLP is a law firm that specializes in Canadian immigration law. In the past decade, we have successfully assisted a broad range of individuals and businesses, providing immigration solutions that are tailor-made for them. As well-known experts in the field, we have a solid reputation for finding innovative solutions to resolve difficult situations.

Our firm’s client-centred and efficient approach combined with our innovative and strategic advocacy work, has resulted in high success rates and client satisfaction, demonstrated in the testimonials published online. We believe we are shaping a refreshing new client experience standard in the legal industry, and our passion is evident in the work we do.

The Law Firm of Long Mangalji, LLP is made up of an outstanding group of professionals. The firm assists our company in bringing in employees from various locations from around the world. Long Mangalji, LLP always present clear options for our employee’s applications. Even in the most difficult of cases, they always seem to find a way to meet our needs. Not only does Long Mangalji bring outstanding legal counsel but will often add a personal touch to the process that you may not find in other firms. I would recommend Long Mangalji, LLP to anyone seeking a trusted and leading immigration law firm. One will not be disappointed by being their client.
— Dominic M.


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