Canadian Study Permit

“I am thinking of studying in Canada.”   

Canada is known for its high standard of education, and is one of the few countries that offers a clear path on how you can obtain permanent resident status if you attend a Canadian school as a foreign student.

Foreign students are eligible to obtain “open” work permits when they graduate, which are valuable tools when applying for immigration status if they receive a job offer.

“There are many avenues available for students who hope to come to Canada,” says Aadil Mangalji, a partner at Long Mangalji LLP. “It’s really crucial for a student to prepare beforehand and consult with an immigration lawyer before coming to Canada. That way we can deal with all the separate issues that can have an impact on any future decision to work or live here. That includes thinking ahead in terms of what institution you want to attend, the program you choose, and any work experience you get that will, in turn, help you to find a job here when you finish your studies.”

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Canada Study Permit Lawyer | Long Mangalji LLP

“I am already studying in Canada and want to know my options for working and staying here.” 

Working and staying in Canada are especially appealing for students who have earned a Canadian degree at a post-secondary institution. Planning ahead is essential to uncovering how this can all work to your advantage.

There are many factors that can affect your ability to attain immigrant status, including work experience, the job you choose to pursue and how you can maintain legal status while waiting for your application to be processed.

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