Upcoming Seminars

Our immigration seminars provide details on immigration policies and strategies on various topics.  As part of our pro bono program, these seminars are offered free of charge to the public.  Please feel free to join us by clicking on the registration buttons below.

Webinar - What International Students Should Know About Immigration 

  • Thursday, April 23 at 3:00 PM EST 

DeGroote is pleased to offer a webinar for our international students on what you need to know about immigration. We have invited Elizabeth Long, an immigration lawyer from Long Mangalji LLP, to present via webinar. The topics will include:

1. How to maintain your status as a student if you have a break during the Covid pandemic
2. Conditions of working legally as a student, including during the Covid pandemic
3. How to apply for your Post-graduation Work Permit
4. Strategies on qualifying for permanent residence under Express Entry and non-Express Entry Economic categories
5. What to do if your application has been denied 

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Webinar: Immigration Strategies for International Students, Workers, and Entrepreneurs

  • Wednesday, May 6 at 6:30 PM EST 

Global Hamilton Connect is pleased to present our annual immigration seminar with Elizabeth Long via webinar. Our topics will include:

1. What to do about immigration during Covid-19 uncertainties
2. How to obtain work permits and ensure that you work legally in Canada
3. Permanent residence solutions for students and workers
4. Permanent residence solutions for entrepreneurs
5. What to do if your application has been denied 

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Webinar: Succession Planning: How to Transition your Business into a Happy Retirement (City of Hamilton)

  • TuesdaySeptember 15 at 12:00 PM EST

In this webinar, our experts will be presenting on key factors that business owners will need to know when planning to sell and transition their business.

Our topics will include:
- How to plan the transition of your business
- How to valuate your business
- How to build up the value of your business through a sales process and system
- How to present your business and structure the deal to attract international buyers
- How to access the services that the City of Hamilton can provide to support your business 

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For recordings of our previous webinars and other videos on immigration law, click here