Canadian Work Permit

“I am a company looking to hire workers.” 

Canada has long valued immigration to meet its growing labour needs. However, increased government regulations and ever-changing rules can make this a difficult endeavour.

We understand that companies must plan for their labour requirements – in both the short and long-term. The last thing any company wants is a considerable and unnecessary cost to a project because of the red-tape that prevents an essential skilled worker from entering the country within a certain time.

This is where we come in. We can help prevent unnecessary anxiety – and better yet – help you grow and succeed.

“My goal is to make the immigration process as quick and easy as possible for employers by ensuring the legal paperwork is done correctly the first time and that the best route for employees’ entry into Canada has been chosen,” says Elizabeth Long, a partner at Long Mangalji LLP. “We are among the few lawyers who specialize only in immigration law, and who therefore understand the small points that can make a big difference for your company.”

We recognize each business has its own goals. That’s why we pride ourselves on being efficient, accessible and creative in providing ethical and legal services tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Although our office is based in Toronto, we assist businesses across the country on a regular basis.

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Canada Work Permit Lawyer | Long Mangalji LLP

“I want to work in Canada.” 

Canada is a country built on immigration and has opened its doors for decades to workers with marketable skills hoping to build a better life here. Under government regulations, there are two kinds of work permits: “employer-specific” or “open.”

To obtain an “employer-specific” work permit you would need to have a job offer here in Canada. Furthermore, there are many skill-set categories under which you can apply.

“Open” permits also have several categories tailored to specific groups such as: nationals of certain countries, foreign students who have graduated in Canada, and spouses of foreign students and foreign workers.

It can be difficult to figure out what kind of work permit you need – or whether you need one at all.

Moving to Canada and working here can mean a major change in your life, so you would need to plan ahead. Each case is different and requires a knowledgeable and experienced expert to ensure you are getting the correct information.

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