Immigration Videos

Note: The information presented in these videos are of a general nature, accurate only to the date of publication, and are not to be taken as legal advice for any particular case. For advice on your individual situation, please contact us at to book a consultation.

Webinar for Sault College Incoming Students Aug 19, 2020
Webinar with Sault College: What to Know About Immigration as an International Student
Immigration Tips for Entrepreneurs in Canada
Immigration laws that International Students should know during Covid times
How to Immigrate to the US and Canada during the Pandemic and Beyond
What you should know when applying for your Study Permit with Canadore College, July 21, 2020
Crossing the 49th Parallel during the Pandemic as a Worker
创业人士如何在加申请移民 Immigration Strategies for Entrepreneurs in Canada
Canadore College Webinar for Incoming Students June 2020
University of Toronto ISC Webinar June 2020
Family Reunification During Covid Times
What to Know About Immigration as an International Student - May 2020
Immigration Strategies for International Students, Workers, and Entrepreneurs
DeGroote Seminar for Current International Students Apr 2020
DeGroote Webinar for Incoming Students Apr 2020
Sault College Webinar for International Students Apr 2020
Western SOGS Immigration Webinar April 2020
What to do about immigration when you graduate
Visas and ETA's
Immigration Strategies for Skilled Workers
Entrepreneur Webinar
Canada’s Caregiver Pilot Program
Elizabeth tries to rap on Work Permit options
Video on NRST Basics with Real Estate Lawyer, Francis Fan, May 2019
Our Webinar on Recent Changes on Rules for International Students, February 2019

This is a recording of our webinar that we held on February 26, 2019 regarding the new immigration rules on Authorized Leave and Post-Graduation Work Permits for International Students in Canada. Note: The information contained in this video is of a general nature and is not to be taken as legal advice for a specific case.

Elizabeth Long addresses the Parliamentary Committee on Citizenship and Immigration
Weed the North 2 - Update on the DUI Immigration Policy
Weed the North
Our story

Since 2007, we have worked with thousands of extraordinary individuals. Here is our story.

Canadian Visa Guide mobile app Immigration Webinar
Graduate Student Immigration Opportunities - Part I - DeGroote McMaster seminar
Graduate Student Immigration Opportunities - Part II - DeGroote McMaster seminar
Graduate Student Immigration Opportunities - Part III - DeGroote McMaster seminar
Express Entry 101: How to Immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker
Congratulations Mejias family on finally reuniting in Canada!
New OINP Permanent Residence Program for Farm Workers and Low skilled Construction Positions
OINP for Employer-Based Streams and the new Skilled Trades Stream in 2017

In this video we examine the new OINP system relating to these streams.

New OINP for graduate students and Express Entry Applicants in 2017

In this video, we go over how the new OINP system will work and what to consider when deciding whether to apply under these systems.

Navigating the new Express Entry system

Explaining the new changes to the Express Entry system and providing strategies to maximize success.

How to Come to Canada as an American

Somehow ... and we don't know why ... a lot of Americans have been trying to find out how to move up to Canada recently. So we thought we'd put together a video to explain the basics on how to do so.

So the OINP is Closed for the Year - Now What?

We have had many inquiries since the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (otherwise known as the Ontario PNP) announced its closures for most of its programs for this year. To help with your questions, we hosted our first live webinar to explain what these changes will entail and what strategies and alternative options there are for persons who want to remain in Canada.