Start a Business in Canada

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“I am an entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Canada.” 

The Canadian economy is known for its stability, well-educated labour force, and progressive immigration policies.  With global trade expected to increase in 2018, the business outlook looks bright for entrepreneurs. With strong business and consumer confidence, boosted by facilitative trade regulations and supportive free trade agreements with key international markets, we believe now is the right time for you to consider your move to Canada as a business owner.

We understand that setting up a business in Canada is a long term and life-changing decision. That is why we aim to make your move one that is informed, planned, and expeditious, mitigating risks and ensuring your journey is as exciting as it is challenging.

“We encourage people to come to Canada to invest and start their own businesses here, as the economy is abundant with opportunities. However, there is no one set way to start a business, and there are many immigration programs to choose from. Some application process times can take only weeks, and some can take years. Our goal is to find the best and most efficient immigration pathway for entrepreneurs and business owners to invest in Canada. Furthermore, we do so with a holistic approach, as we appreciate that setting up a business in a new country requires a whole team of professionals to advice on the several aspects of the business set up” says Elizabeth Long, partner at the firm.

We will also be able to connect you to an expert team of business professionals who can assist with the modalities of new market entry for businesses across various industry sectors. Our approach is that the business needs drive the immigration strategies.

LET'S TALK. We will formulate the most appropriate migration plan, and facilitate professional services to actualize your individual business immigration needs.