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Aylan and his family never had a chance to come to Canada.  Their lives were in danger and they couldn’t wait for the years that it would have taken to be able to be sponsored.  The dangerous rowboat over the Aegean Sea was their only hope. 

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The new Caregiver program that replaced the old Live-in-Caregiver program has created much confusion for families who want to hire caregivers and for workers who want to immigrate under this program.  Here are some of the tips about the program that may help you:  It has become quite difficult to get a positive Labour Market

  The government has just announced that the new citizenship rules will come into effect on June 11.  This means that anyone whose citizenship application does not reach the CIC office by June 10 will be subject to the new rules.  Some of the main rules that could affect your ability to obtain citizenship are: 

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There are two new recent changes to the Express Entry permanent residency system.  These changes may affect your case if you are already in or are considering entering the Express Entry Pool:   1. The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program will be selecting certain candidates from the Express Entry pool to be invited to apply for

4-In, 4-Out Rule for Work Permits

On April 1, many work permit holders who have worked in Canada for over 4 years may not be able to renew their work permits.  This is because the government implemented a regulation known as the “4-in, 4-out rule”.  Here’s how it works:  Most foreign workers who have worked in Canada for four years since

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Starting from last Saturday, February 21, 2015, the government has begun to impose new processes and fees for applicants who want to apply for work permits that don’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  Here are some of the main changes: Employers who want to hire foreign workers with work permits that are LMIA-exempt

Top 5 Immigration Changes in 2015

2015 is looking to be a year of significant changes in the immigration law field.  Here are 5 important changes that may affect you (or people you know):  1. The new Express Entry system will allow many people to qualify for permanent residence (PR) who may not have been able to do so before. However,

The government just announced today that some applicants who apply for permanent residence under the Inland Spousal Sponsorship category will be able to obtain work permits before they receive approval in principal. Here are some things that applicants will need to have to qualify: The applicant and sponsor have submitted an Inland Spousal Sponsorship application. 

The government will bring in sweeping changes to permanent residence applications under economic class programs on January 1 (see here for information we had posted previously on the upcoming Express Entry System At Long Mangalji, we have been working hard to find out what these changes will mean for our clients. We have recently

The government has announced that parental sponsorships will open again on January 2, 2015.  The quota for 2015 will be 5000 like last year.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan on sponsoring your parents or grandparents: The quota is very limited.  Last year, 5000 spots were filled in a matter

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New Express Entry Rules

Yesterday, the government finally announced the new rules for the Express Entry System which will come into effect on January 1, 2015.  The Express Entry system will govern permanent residence applications which are submitted under the economic categories of the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Provincial Nominee Programs, and the Federal

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New Caregiver Program Rules

Last Friday, the government announced major changes to the Caregiver Program, with the new rules to apply on November 30, 2014. The former Live-In Caregiver Program will be divided into two programs: Caregivers who take care of children Caregivers who take care of seniors or persons with disabilities or critical illness  Here’s a rundown of